Kallaroo Community Threes Kindergarten

Pre-kindy Fun and Education!

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Program Aims

At KC3s, we are a not-for-profit community based and community minded three year old kindy. Our focus is on offering families in our community with a stimulating, nurturing, inclusive and safe environment in which your child can learn and grow.


Our staff are all passionate and highly qualified, and our Teachers are all university trained and experienced early learning educators.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for Pre-Kindy children to have a fun, stimulating experience outside of home where they can begin to develop independence in a safe, encouraging environment.  We use the Early Years Learning Framework to guide us with our planning and programming. At KC3s, we are all about enriching, fun, play-based learning, with particular focus on nurturing your little one’s social and emotional development. The carefully planned and designed program is a great stepping stone to four year old kindy.


Our program encompasses a range of age appropriate activities which:

  • Stimulate imaginative play
  • promote fine motor and gross motor development
  • encourage language development
  • themes build on the child’s prior knowledge
  • provide opportunities to develop interactive social skills


The programmes are responsive to the children’s interests as is directed by the Early Years Learning Framework.

Some of the great activities your child can participating in each week are:

  • Fine Motor skill : painting, gluing, threading, printing, collage etc.
  • 3D modelling including play-dough, kinetic sand, play foam and box constructions
  • Music and movement games
  • Gross Motor skill : Obstacle courses and other guided outdoor play experiences
  • Tactile experiences such as water play, shaving foam play, jelly or ‘group’ play.
  • Respect and Sharing : Snack Time :Fruit sharing
  • Dressing up and pretend play
  • Puzzles, block construction and other construction manipulatives, and theme based toys and play resources.
  • Bike/scooter riding, ball/beanbag play, sand play, swings, cubby house and forte.


We are also excited to announce our new ‘fairy’ garden play area, complete with toadstools to enjoy a tea party, and new musical structure constructed by one of our amazing KC3s families.


The program also includes a series of special events that change from year to year, including unique and exciting incursions, our very popular annual family fun day event, exciting cultural activities and experiences, special dress up days and many more.